Illusions Bridal Veils Blog RSS Feed for Illusions Bridal Veils. en Copyright 2020 Choosing The Right Color For Your Veil In our third installment of “helping your bride choose a veil”, we would like to discuss colors. Above all other options when choosing a veil, the color is most important. Most brides come in thinking they have or are getting a “white” dress. Surprisingly most, pick a color that isn’t white. There are so many variations of the color white now, color swatches and comparing are an absolute must. One of the most popular colors for a dress now, Diamond White, (also called off-white or candle-light), is a soft white that almost looks white when not compared to anything white. Once you put a white veil on top of it though, your dress looks dirty.

There are also some crazy colors going through the dress trends now too. Illusions Bridal has many colors to choose from, including a nice shimmer cafe that goes with the all-too popular Champagne colored dress. Be sure to consult our color sample chart for those hard to match colors.

Also, keep in mind, the more layers of tulle that you have (the more layers of veil), the darker the tone the veil is going to be. So, if you are only getting a one layer veil, only hold one layer of the sample up against the dress. Be sure to compare apples to apples.

If you can’t find the color you need in our selection, go the fabric store, and see if you can find it there. If you can, call one of our specialists, and talk to them about sending in your own fabric to make a veil. Above, all, make sure to get the right color the first time!

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5 Tips For New Brides (Things Every Bride Should Know!) When it comes to your special day, there’s hundreds if not thousands of things going through a bride’s mind. Let’s face it, most of us have been waiting our entire life for this one special moment and we want everything to be absolutely perfect.

But with that said, brides often become overwhelmed with focusing on getting the venue setup, food, dresses, wedding accessories, and the hundreds of other small details that go into a wedding. We’ve put together 5 fantastic tips for new brides that every bride should know to make their life a little bit easier:

DON’T FEEL OBLIGATED TO TAKE ADVICE FROM OTHERS When your wedding comes around, it seems as if people just appear out of no where with tons of pieces of advice and suggestions for your big day. Don’t feel obligated to appease these people and remember, it’s your big day!

TRY AND SAVE MONEY WHENEVER POSSIBLE It’s amazing how fast wedding items and services can add up. Many weddings can easily top $50,000 these days, and that’s for a small wedding! The best advice we can offer on this is to splurge on the things that are really important to you but try and save a little whenever you can. There’s tons of websites that offer wedding accessories, tiaras, veils, place settings, and other wedding accessories at prices much lower than local brick & mortar stores, and this can be a fantastic way to save several thousand dollars on your wedding.

TAKE YOUR TIME IN PLANNING YOUR WEDDING It’s important to really take your time in planning your wedding. Don’t just fall in love with the first wedding dress you see, the first location you visit, or the first veil you try on. If you jump the gun on these elements, you’ll be second guessing yourself later. Spend as much time as you need in really planning your wedding and it will help alleviate the stress down the road.

NEVER GO INTO A WEDDING ALONE With all the details involved, it’s important to have a good support group to assist you with your wedding. Whether it’s family, friends, or online support groups like those found on sites like Wedding Wire or The Knot, it’s important to have a strong group around you to help you through the wedding planning. It helps even more if you have people around you who have been through weddings recently and know the largest challenges to help with.

DON’T GET TOO CAUGHT UP IN ALL THE DETAILS Our last tip may sound a little against everything else we’ve said, but it’s important to remember the purpose of your wedding day and not get caught up in the little details. This is the day you and the love of your life are entering into a new chapter of your lives, and it’s important to remember that and cherish the moment. No one is going to notice the little wrinkle in the table cloth or the missing candle on one of the tables. Focus on the true meaning of your wedding and you’re assured to have a fantastic day full of memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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How To Choose The Right Type Of Edge For Your Wedding Veil In our second installment of “helping your bride to pick a veil”, we will discuss edges. The best way to narrow down the edge types to stick with, is to analyze the dress. If the dress has a ribbon accent, then try to match that ribbon. If you can’t match it, then go with a finer edge that will simply bring out the ribbon. If there is a color accent in the dress, don’t forget that Illusions Bridal specializes in colored edged veils. We have over 25 popular bridal colors to choose from in over 3 types of edges. If the dress is super detailed and intricate, then it is best to stay simple with the veil, maybe go with a cut edge or a corded edge. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if the dress is super simple and needs a little bling to spruce it up, go with a pearl/rhinestone edge, or the glitzy rhinestone edge.

If you are not sure, just consult our super handy edge sample chart. Hold the edges up to the actual dress, and you will be surprised at how certain ones will jump out at you. If the bride wants to go bold with the edge, show her a sample of what it will look like against the dress first, and make sure she’s happy with it. It’s a very helpful tool for helping the bride pick a veil. Our standard veil catalog also gives lots of examples of each type of edge, so you can pick the one that is closest to what she is choosing, and see if it is, in fact, what she wants.

The most important thing to consider, is to not overwhelm the dress. Though we specialize in veils, we do not want to take away from the Bride in her dream dress. The idea is to “complete” the project with utmost elegance.

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How to choose the right type of wedding veil width Many brides walk into a store with one thing on their mind……the perfect dress. 9 out of 10 brides have not even thought about the ultimate compliment to the dress: the veil. Many times, brides will just come in, and try on several veils, decide that none of them look right, and decide to not wear a veil. Then, a month before the wedding, they have changed their mind again, and are scrambling to find a veil that looks “right”. This can all be eliminated by just talking with the bride and seeing her dress. In the next few blog entries, we will go over each veil detail that a bride needs to consider when choosing a veil. These steps will help you ensure the ultimate sales of veils to your customers.

The first, and probably most overlooked aspect of the veil, is the width. Illusions Bridal offers 3 different widths in their standard veils. The smallest width, 54″, is for the petite bride with a simple dress that has very little detail on top. This veil will have little to no shoulder coverage, and will stay mainly to the back of the head with longer lengths. This width is a great suggestion for narrow faces and figures, and is more on the modern side of the veil trends. The most popular width for veil trends now, is the 72″ width veil. This width will offer a small amount of shoulder coverage, and doesn’t come completely around to the front of the chest. With a multiple layer veil in this width, the gather at the comb will not be overwhelming and can be exaggerated a bit with some teasing. This is a nice medium sized width that is usually a compromise to all dresses and figures. The largest width we offer, is the 108″ width. This width is good for the bride that wants the most extravagant, full veil, with lots of shoulder coverage. With multiple layers having this width, you will have a very full look at the comb where the gather is. It’s a good suggestion for full-figures and round faces, and is more on the traditional side of the veil trends.

Unless the bride knows exactly what she wants, start with the 72″ width, and work from there, considering her physical attributes, and the aspects of her dress. You will find if you work with her desires and her body, you will have a greater success in finding a veil that she loves, and you won’t lose a sale to a bride that doesn’t know what to look for.

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