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How To Choose The Right Type Of Edge For Your Wedding Veil

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Posted: 22nd Sep 2014

In our second installment of “helping your bride to pick a veil”, we will discuss edges. The best way to narrow down the edge types to stick with, is to analyze the dress. If the dress has a ribbon accent, then try to match that ribbon. If you can’t match it, then go with a finer edge that will simply bring out the ribbon. If there is a color accent in the dress, don’t forget that Illusions Bridal specializes in colored edged veils. We have over 25 popular bridal colors to choose from in over 3 types of edges. If the dress is super detailed and intricate, then it is best to stay simple with the veil, maybe go with a cut edge or a corded edge. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if the dress is super simple and needs a little bling to spruce it up, go with a pearl/rhinestone edge, or the glitzy rhinestone edge.

If you are not sure, just consult our super handy edge sample chart. Hold the edges up to the actual dress, and you will be surprised at how certain ones will jump out at you. If the bride wants to go bold with the edge, show her a sample of what it will look like against the dress first, and make sure she’s happy with it. It’s a very helpful tool for helping the bride pick a veil. Our standard veil catalog also gives lots of examples of each type of edge, so you can pick the one that is closest to what she is choosing, and see if it is, in fact, what she wants.

The most important thing to consider, is to not overwhelm the dress. Though we specialize in veils, we do not want to take away from the Bride in her dream dress. The idea is to “complete” the project with utmost elegance.

Posted by: camille thomas
Tags: Rhinestone Edge Ribbon Edge Wedding Veil