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How to choose the right type of wedding veil width

Posted: 22nd Sep 2014

Many brides walk into a store with one thing on their mind……the perfect dress. 9 out of 10 brides have not even thought about the ultimate compliment to the dress: the veil. Many times, brides will just come in, and try on several veils, decide that none of them look right, and decide to not wear a veil. Then, a month before the wedding, they have changed their mind again, and are scrambling to find a veil that looks “right”. This can all be eliminated by just talking with the bride and seeing her dress. In the next few blog entries, we will go over each veil detail that a bride needs to consider when choosing a veil. These steps will help you ensure the ultimate sales of veils to your customers.

5 Tips For New Brides (Things Every Bride Should Know!)

Posted: 22nd Sep 2014

When it comes to your special day, there’s hundreds if not thousands of things going through a bride’s mind. Let’s face it, most of us have been waiting our entire life for this one special moment and we want everything to be absolutely perfect.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Edge For Your Wedding Veil

Posted: 22nd Sep 2014

In our second installment of “helping your bride to pick a veil”, we will discuss edges. The best way to narrow down the edge types to stick with, is to analyze the dress. If the dress has a ribbon accent, then try to match that ribbon. If you can’t match it, then go with a finer edge that will simply bring out the ribbon. If there is a color accent in the dress, don’t forget that Illusions Bridal specializes in colored edged veils. We have over 25 popular bridal colors to choose from in over 3 types of edges.

Choosing The Right Color For Your Veil

Posted: 24th Sep 2014

In our third installment of “helping your bride choose a veil”, we would like to discuss colors. Above all other options when choosing a veil, the color is most important. Most brides come in thinking they have or are getting a “white” dress. Surprisingly most, pick a color that isn’t white. There are so many variations of the color white now, color swatches and comparing are an absolute must. One of the most popular colors for a dress now, Diamond White, (also called off-white or candle-light), is a soft white that almost looks white when not compared to anything white. Once you put a white veil on top of it though, your dress looks dirty.

Dev Testing

Posted: 17th Jan 2023